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Additional Services

Material Handling Systems
F. A. Roberts & Associates Ltd designs innovative and automated material handling systems for manufacturing, processing and storage facilities.

Industrial Plant Design, Fabrication and Manufacturing Facilities
F.A. Roberts & Associates Ltd is experienced in the development of plant layouts, multi-level work station design, fixture design and related lifting and material handling.

We have considerable experience incorporating cranes and plant equipment into the design of the building structure or adapting existing structures to new plant processes.

Inspection Services
Using our experience in the welding, fabrication and cranes we are able to assist fabricators, manufacturers and users develop inspection processes with job specific test methods to control the quality of assemble line, large or small fabrications.

Forensic Analysis
When required, we have undertaken investigations to determine root cause of failures and accidents as well as assessment of damages in areas where our practice has developed significant expertise.

We have also provided investigative and or expert witness services in cases involving structures, pressure vessels, equipment failures and crane and lifting accidents.

F. A. Roberts & Associates is a firm of consulting engineers providing a broad base of services for clients across Canada and the United States. Our goal is to provide designs and related services of the highest quality with the utmost respect for the costs to our clients, both initially and long term.

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