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Engineering Services Winnipeg

  • Welding and Brazing
  • F. A. Roberts & Associates Ltd. provides welding engineering services to companies certified under the CSA W47.1, W47.2 and W186 Standards. Services include development of welding procedures, inspection and auditing of welding operations, selection of welding equipment and automated processes as well as design of welding fixtures.

  • Forensic Analysis and Materials Engineering
  • Materials engineering services include selection of materials for special applications, materials testing, fracture analysis and failure investigations. 

  • Cranes and Lifting Devices
  • F. A. Roberts & Associates Ltd. provides a broad range of services for the design of shop cranes and custom lifting apparatus. For existing equipment, F.A. Roberts provides inspection and certifications services, repair procedures and evaluation of all types of cranes.

  • Structural Steel Design
  • F. A. Roberts & Associates Ltd. provides advanced designs in structural steel for industrial and commercial applications. Services for design build projects are also available.

  • Aluminum Structures Design
  • F. A. Roberts & Associates Ltd. provides design services in aluminum structures under CSA Standards S157 and AASHTO to offer light weight alternates to structural steel.  The proper design of structures in aluminum can result in reduced weight and enhanced corrosion resistance without surface coatings in outdoor, marine and certain chemical environments.

  • Stainless Steel Structural Design
  • F.A. Roberts & Associates Ltd. provides designs of stainless steel vessels and structures in austerities, duplex and ferritic stainless steels to achieve enhanced corrosion resistance and strength properties.

  • Design of Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Stacks, Bins & Process Equipment
  • F. A Roberts & Associates Ltd. provides designs for pressure vessels, tanks, stacks, piping, heat exchangers and specialized process equipment for the pulp and paper, mining, chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and food industries.

  • Quality Control
  • F. A. Roberts & Associates Ltd. prepares quality control programs for the pressure piping and pressure vessel industry to meet the requirements of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

  • Acoustics and Vibration
  • F. A. Roberts & Associates Ltd. offers various services in acoustics, noise control, and vibration.

  • Fall Protection
  • F. A. Roberts & Associates Ltd. provides designs for fall protection to suit the needs of the manufacturing and construction industry as well as the unique needs for loading and servicing in the bus, trailer rail and aircraft industries.

  • Product Design and Development
  • F. A. Roberts & Associates Ltd. designs equipment for new product development with services for prototype development in the industrial, medical, entertainment, mechanical and transportation fields.

  • Additional Services
  • In addition to the core services we offer, F. A. Roberts & Associates offers a wide range of other engineering services such as; Material Handling Systems. Industrial Plant Design, Fabrication and Manufacturing Facilities Inspection Services and more.

F. A. Roberts & Associates is a firm of consulting engineers providing a broad base of services for clients across Canada and the United States. Our goal is to provide designs and related services of the highest quality with the utmost respect for the costs to our clients, both initially and long term.

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